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With the origin of ASEAN Economic Community on January 1, 2016, a strengthened and invigorated community in the shape of AEC Connect for a multinational corporation has been established to create an intra-regional corporation amongst the ASEAN member states. Through peaceful and diplomatic means, a great economic corridor is being generated so as to empower all the Southeast Asian countries. Numerous exhilarating platforms to showcase the goods and services by those individuals who are willing to establish their businesses is a core of the community. Important features of AEC Connect includes, free economic zone, E-commerce, free flow of goods and services, logistics, tourism, jobs, and finally the information to buyers and suppliers.
Business & Products
The main idea of the AEC Connect is to create a sophisticated business environment to interlink all the 10 ASEAN members to accelerate the growth of the economy. The model of free economy and unrestricted exchange of goods and services has been conceptualized by the AEC Connect, with that fecund relationship Connect. ASEAN Economic Community Tourism is a staggering feature as it is going to bring the people of this region closer. AEC Jobs is providing resourceful jobs for the citizens, especially to the middle class, as it is the base of any strong economy. Individuals and Enterprises can also submit their advertisements. Finally, the ASEAN Economic Community Logistics is a trait to assure a managed flow of goods and services from one place to another.
Market News
The Market news is going to provide prompt service to keep the buyers and sellers updated. The companies can easily submit their products and services through advertisement and even the individuals who seek to instigate a business of any size, small or big is going to be provided with full corporation and support of this website. All the latest news regarding trade and business, construction and infrastructure, new policies and updates are available here.
The Philippines agriculture should consolidate the success of the industry in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
World Bank made a traumatic announcement for ASEAN Thailand’s work force is unskilled, majorly because of shortcomings in the education system.
The AEC Logistics, as agreed upon by the ASEAN Community, has made efforts to come up with ways to improve ASEAN economic infrastructures.
ASEAN members are comprised of a market of more or less than 600 million people whose daily consumption is in billions, shared with a GDP of US$3 trillion.
The aim of AEC is to assimilate the economies of South-East Asian countries with 625 million individuals and an estimated GDP of US$2.5 trillion(2014).
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