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About us

In the modern age of transnational communication and cooperation, as no nation can survive in isolation, the dawn of “ASEAN Economic Community” is going to provide a luminous and peaceful corridor for smoother interaction so as to strengthen the economy of all the South East Asian nations. Our valued people who are willing to establish their businesses are welcomed to seize our numerous platforms to showcase their products and services and to help develop a mutual business environment of interaction between the producer and customer. AEC Connect is an umbrella connecting people of this region to guarantee an unprecedented growth of economy, which is an essence of any united community.

AEC Connect- Our Ideology

  • The concept of free economic zone is planted in a way that countries within the region will be provided with the facility of free flow of goods and services to help build a strong economy.
  • For the first time in the history of E-commerce, a website-directory is being launched by AEC Connect to generate prolific relationship between buyer and supplier under the ASEAN canopy.
  • Endless variety of products from pin to piano and from tin to gold are made available at AEC Connect.
  • AEC Logistics provides a wide range of logistical facilities to insure the management and flow of goods and services, including the handling, packing and transportation of products from the point of its derivation to the point of its depletion.
  • AEC tourism is an attractive idea which is providing an amazing and awesome forum for intra-regional tourism to bring the people of this region closer while at the same time create awareness about different cultures and traditions.
  • AEC jobs, is a feature to create resourceful occupation, which is creating better opportunities for the individuals who belong to the South East Asian region. For example; decent work environment with decent wages, employment and other factors including the rights & protection of labor.
  • Another very interesting feature is that, one can list its products and services, and even list the products in which the individual is interested. One of the major service is making the product accessible for the clients to see.
  • One can submit advertisement to the website in which the individual can state there concerns and interests.
  • In the AEC system, through a weekly automated e-mail, information is passed regarding the establishment of new companies, while at the same time the savoir-faire of the client will also be provided to the supplier.

AEC Connect the Window to the AEC World

The idea behind the bar is not only to create opportunities and support build a strong economy but to establish friendly relation among the 10 ASEAN nations; Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. It is a very important and significant step towards greater corporation and incorporation. Such Intra-regional corporation will definitely lead to a strong economy, businesses will flourish and standard of living of individuals will also become more sophisticated. AEC Connect is a B2B community that works like a breeze blowing from place to place, soothing hearts, comforting minds with fearless vibes and Connecting all regions and people peacefully.

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