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A leaf for Supplier and Companies

The AEC Connect is committed to reduce the economic barriers between all the 10 member countries of ASEAN including Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. AEC Connect aims to develop small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) through the blue print of ASEAN to attain growth in the region.

For the assistance of suppliers, wide range of options and opportunities are being facilitated via our website. In building a strong regional supply chain, the role of AEC Connect is of great importance, as it is helping millions of people to connect and integrate with the customers in an environment where 100% assurance of quality service is confirmed. This will certainly lead to a an affluent future ahead for the regional empowerment.

How to get registered!

The companies/individuals can easily register themselves, totally free of cost. By simply browsing to the AEC Connect, where a link/form is provided to be filled, in which various details and information regarding his/her company has to be mentioned. This detail includes, name of company, email, address, city name, etc.

Product Listing

With just a few clicks worth of work, the supplier will get registered. With many stimulating services, the AEC Connect website is providing the facilities of product listing through which the company can showcase and trade all the products available for their consumers. Moreover, a very remarkable service of the AEC Connect is “post-a-job” for instant hiring, as it is providing free jobs online. Marketing of the product to the customers has been made much easier for the enterprise.

Companies and suppliers across the region are provided with numerous advantages of product listing via this platform i.e. ‘AEC Connect’. Companies can not only promote their products and services but also improve the traffic for the better qualified leads. For this purpose, the supplier is required to send product information. Then a photo of the product will be put on the show plus a price, title, product name, etc. All these details gives the consumer a strong sense of what the product is all about.

Advantages of product listing through AEC Connect

This feature of product listings has high impact on click-through-rate as compared to text-based ads. A clearer picture of the product is brought online, which makes it easy for the purchaser to buy an item. Under the canopy of AEC Connect a broader presence of the company is made available as a decent marketing strategy. Besides all of the above, joining our website gives an edge to the suppliers, that they get to know, how their products are performing. Reaching customers who love your product is definitely a win-win situation, and this is what AEC Connect is providing its followers.

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