AEC Connect - Job Posting

The AEC Connect is on a mission to eradicate redundancy and joblessness in all the member countries of the ASEAN, and for this purpose, programs and plans are being conducted. As there is going to be a B2B business, which aims to connect people of different nationalities, an assurance of quality results are essentially required. We have generated infinite job opportunities, so as to provide resourceful occupation to the citizens of South-East Asia.

A platform for employers

We are forging ahead as an advanced and progressive region on earth, where technological innovations are frequently taking place. We are living in a constantly changing world, where groundbreaking imagination and state-of-the-art vision is inevitably. Construction of mega infrastructure is another major development. Consequently, contracting and recruitment of pioneering minds in all fields of life is the call of the day! Manpower is needed in countless sectors of education, medicine, engineering, management, textile, automobiles, electronics, food & beverage, heavy industries, timber market and what not! For this purpose, we are providing a fantastic platform at AEC Connect where posting jobs and hiring people is as easy as pie.

How to post a job

Interchange of workforce from one part of the region to another part has become stress-free and easy, as we are facilitating people with an option in which the employer seeking for credible and trustworthy workers can contact directly to them online, simply by registering to our AEC Connect website and then by clicking on posting jobs, they can post without any hindrance. They will get time to time notifications of the applicants who are interested or are eligible. Job seekers who are suitable, with appropriate qualification who will stand at the criterion of the required job, are then contacted. And the attractive and appealing part is the entire process is completely free.

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