World of Jobs and Opportunities aims to elevate the B2B methodologies, ensuring a sound and strong economy of the Southeast Asian region. We are an antidote to unemployment, developing a pathway for the journey towards success. As the flow of goods and services plus skilled labor is free across the region, tremendous hike in diverse occupations is constantly being observed, as the live wire of economy totally depends on the work force of its nation.

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AEC Connect is aiming to accelerate employement for the citizens of ASEAN state members together with Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, i.e. 600 million in population. All the 10 members’ states of ASEAN are unitedly standing as the powerhouse of world’s largest enterprises, conglomerates and multinationals. Here we deliver, numerous job opportunities in almost all fields like Customs, Defense & Security, Energy, Financial Services, Food and Agriculture, Health & Life Sciences, Information & Communications Technology, Infrastructure and Manufacturing, etc. Hiring and recruitment is a permanent factor in this business. You are warmly welcomed to seize these amazing opportunities by simply joining us as life-long partners at

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Here at the AEC Connect website, copious number of opportunities are looking out for you, as we are providing a single platform under which all the people belonging to the region of ASEAN can integrate and incorporate. This intra-regional cooperation is to cultivate prospects and new ideas. The job seekers are requested to submit their CVs at our B2B website, so as to let the interested employers call on to you. Once the companies/employers find the right candidate, they contact the shortlisted ones via our online portal, and then assign a job according to the credentials and qualification. All the above process is made easy, thanks to our B2B website which aims to connect the people foreseeing a better future.

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