AEC Logistics – Forwarders

It is not as challenging as it seems when you have a trustworthy partner around. Yes, talking about Shipment and transportation across the border, you will attain high levels of satisfaction with AEC Connect, if you join hands with us in the long run. We have smooth and reliable platform for freight forwarders at AEC Connect. We are catering medium/giant forwarders with our prolific logistic support system. Be it, land, air or sea, our goal is to ensure supple logistic administration. We encourage forwarders from all 10 united ASEAN countries to come up with new ideas and enlist their complete details for consideration by the direct clients.

What we have for the forwarders.

Here in this category, it’s quite easy to get your targeted objectives accomplished if the rules are followed. Forwarders are required to enlist their complete details in the AEC Connect website which is displayed for customer attention and retention. Details may vary from basic to extensive depending upon the nature of forwarder. Most importantly, forwarders are required to provide the complete information regarding what type of freight service is offered, along-side, the complete contact details for customers’ easy and prompt accessibility. Contact information includes;

  • Company name
  • Postal address
  • Country
  • Phone/fax numbers
  • email address
  • And not to forget! The social media and company website links as optional information.
  • Company logo is also required to be uploaded on the company profile as this is the best attention seeker. Register now to avail our services totally Free.

An important note

Once a freight-forwarder is registered on the website, the customers directly contact them, where they are dealt with all their queries, directly by the forwarding agency. Any queries pertaining to profile display and maintenance are most welcomed by the concerned authorities via the website and are resolved in no time. Forwarders are advised to update their company information regularly for keeping their customers intact.

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