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The AEC Connect is visualizing the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as a single market and production base, which is providing the free flow of goods, services and skilled labor as well. Our goal is to fully tap the economy of the ASEAN countries at its peak potential and to integrate the businesses of all nationalities of Southeast Asia under a single investment destination. Instead of having a disseminated and scattered economy, we are providing the most secure and impeccable platform for those who are interested in investing so that they can enhance and increase the reach to a market of approximately 600 million citizens of ASEAN.

B2B to Connect

The growth opportunities at our b2b website are limitless and boundless, and we are offering the manufacturers and suppliers so that they can accelerate their businesses, as it is predicted, that it is about to turn into an economic giant in the near future. Manufacturers who are producing any type of item or product can publish it here, at AEC Connect. They can list their products and services online, which is completely free. But to grab this amazing and eye catching offer, subscribe as soon as possible, as it is for a limited time.

Market your product

AEC Connect is providing an online site, where manufacturers can promote and market their company and products, at our intra-regional community, which is just a click away. Millions of people are getting services sales leads from the buyers of the ASEAN region. We are helping the manufacturers reach professional buyers, even if they are not present physically. In this way a limitless market is being established. To accelerate the growth of business in today’s economy, it is very essential for the supplier to get the products in front of the appropriate buyers. For this purpose, we have developed a feature where products are being listed, simply get your company registered to get the best outcomes.

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