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The AEC Connect has the aim to unite and connect the people of different nationalities of the Southeast Asian region for intra-regional tourism and cooperation. To bring the people of the neighboring countries of the ASEAN, tireless efforts are being made, this is going to create a wonderful environment in which so many diverse cultures and traditions, ethos and rituals are being exchanged. As the number of the tourists is increasing in this region day by day, it is generating a great deal of revenue, which definitely is a milestone for the economy of this region.


With this objective, the AEC Connect is facilitating the tour providers with the platform in which tour providers/travel agencies can post requests for extraordinary fascinations, accommodations and most importantly tour guides. This takes into account the arrangement of travel and travelers accommodations (a residence or place for tourist to stay). The travel agents and tour operators can register themselves at our website, those with interested in doing a tour or wayfaring the most famous and demanded whereabouts on the southeast Asian region can contact these agencies online, and the attractive part is, all of the above facilities are absolutely free.


The AEC Connect is serving the people in best way possible by keeping in mind their demands and easing them with the highest quality of tourism. The services that are provided by the travel agents includes tickets and reservations, bed and board, leisureliness cruises as well as other packaged tours. Furthermore, these agencies are also responsible to keep the day tripper aware and up-to-date about the hot-spots of this region. Providing easy trip planning and a luxurious accommodations to the people is the top priority of the traveling agencies. Discover the wonders of Southeast Asia, join us at AEC Connect, the B2B website which connects.

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